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Modem IDEN

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Tudo bem pessoal?
Estou desenvolvendo um produto usando o módulo iO270 da Motorola, mas recebi a noticia que o mesmoserá descontinuado do mercado.
Minha pergunta é: Alguém sabe de algum outro modem que eu possa usar no lugar do iO270?

Grato pela atenção.

Robson Fagundes de Jesus

Hi Robson, If you only use

Hi Robson,

If you only use the i270 as modem to connect to Internet you should be able to use any other handset from motorola, now if you are trying to use as modem in a computer to connect from another handset to that handset I don't think you gonna be able to do it.

From i290 in advance (in the peruvian market) can't connect directly to the handset using it's IP. Only on falcon models. Seems like a restriccion for the new models. We have the same problem in Peru.