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Partner certification process - Mexico

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Nextel de México provides the following certification process:

Oriented towards the final commercialization of a mobile solution, considering both technical and commercial aspects of the solution, including pre- and post-sales. The final result of commercial certification is a mobile solution with technical and sales support processes set in coordination between the developer and Nextel.

The data solutions partner certification process set by Nextel de México has the following objectives:

  • Determine that the software and systems developed by a partner prospect meet minimal requirements for quality, reliability and compatibility for safe and effective operation within Nextel de México's packet data network;
  • Ensure that the developer will have the necessary support from Nextel during development, testing and production;
  • Ensure that Nextel de México's IT area has the necessary knowhow about the architecture and workings of the partner's solution, and that Nextel de México IT is in agreement with its design;
  • Determine the best commercial offering for the developer's solution, and establish an appropriate pattern for sales cooperation.


The benefits of certification are the following:

Marketing Benefits
  • Authorization to use the "Advanced Tools Certified Business Partner" logo.
  • Authorization to use the "Advanced Tools Certified Application" logo.
  • Listing of certified applications in the Advanced Tools enterprise solutions catalog.
  • Listing of certified applications on the Advanced Tools home page, http://www.advanced-tools.com.mx.
Sales benefits
  • Invitations to participate in seminars, conferences and expos.
  • Invitations to participate in joint sales calls with Nextel customers.
Technical Benefits
  • Standardized processes for technical support and technical issue resolution;
  • Internal system outage notifications;
  • Access to issue reporting and escalation web tools;
  • Over-the-air download of applications through Nextel's distribution platform.


The requirements of certification are the following:

Commercial documents
  • Business case
  • Description, benefits and specifications of the solution.
Sales tools
  • Demo accounts and scripts for use during sales calls.
  • Commercial presentation.
Technical Documentation
  • Quick User Reference Guide
  • Technical Manual
  • Error Guide
  • Traffic Usage Calculator
  • Contact and escalation points table
Test Accounts
  • Two test accounts;
  • Enough sample information in test systems to complete 10 transactions for each test account.
  1. Provide complete documentation on Nextel templates;
  2. Sign technical support processes, provided by Nextel;
  3. Complete all certification tests defined in Pruebas estándares para aplicaciones móviles
  4. , having resolved all medium- or high-severity issues noted by Nextel;

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